Why Child Abuse Deserves More Of Our Attention (Infographic)

Updated: Apr 30

We’re building hope, healing, and change at The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center. But there’s still so much that can be done, and child abuse continues to be a pervasive problem in our community and throughout the country.

Important Statistics

  • In the U.S., a new child abuse report is made every 10 seconds.

  • Every day, five children in the U.S. die of the effects of abuse or neglect.

  • State agencies found over 656,000 victims of child maltreatment in 2019 alone.

  • On an annual basis, child protection agencies receive more than 4 million child abuse referrals.

How We’re Helping Children in Our Community

We provide a number of services to help child abuse victims all under one roof:

  • Forensic Interviews —We provide developmentally and culturally responsive fact finding and legally sound information-gathering interviews of children where there are concerns of abuse or neglect.

  • Child Abuse Medical Exams —We offer a comprehensive, non-invasive medical exam on site in a child-friendly, non-threatening environment by a pediatrician certified in child abuse pediatrics.

  • Victim Advocacy—We advocate for those who are too young to protect themselves and defend their interests.

  • Mental Health Treatment—We help give children the tools to recover from the trauma of abuse through trauma-focused mental health services.

  • Coordinated Case Review Services—We manage and track child abuse cases, providing services and resources when needed through a multi-disciplinary team approach.

  • Community Outreach—We educate the community about child abuse & neglect, as well as offer prevention lessons for children.