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Resources for Community Safety & Support


The Path Forward

The welfare of children stands paramount to the growth and development of any community. In the heart of North Carolina, Davie and Davidson counties recognize this truth and, as a testament to their commitment, they proudly support The Dragonfly House. This esteemed institution serves as one of the leading Children Advocacy Centers in the region, demonstrating unwavering dedication to the protection and support of vulnerable children.

The Comprehensive Approach to Child Safety

The Dragonfly House CAC

The Dragonfly House is more than just an advocacy center; it represents hope, resilience, and a beacon of safety for countless children. The center’s primary mission is to minimize the trauma endured by children who have faced abuse, ensuring they receive timely intervention and a platform where their voices are heard.


Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Collaboration

This team comprises professionals from various disciplines, including law enforcement, child protective services, legal entities, medical professionals, and therapists. Their collective goal is to ensure that every child's case is addressed holistically, minimizing further distress and maximizing the efficiency of interventions.


Forensic Interviewing

Tailored to the specific needs of each child, these interviews are conducted in a child-friendly environment by trained professionals. They aim to ascertain the details of any allegations in a manner that is both supportive and non-leading.


Therapeutic Services

Recognizing that the journey to healing is multifaceted, The Dragonfly House provides therapeutic services designed to address the emotional and psychological needs of children, helping them to process trauma and build resilience.


Family Advocacy and Support

It’s not just the children who need support. Often, their families require guidance on how to best support their loved ones. The Dragonfly House is there to provide this essential backing, ensuring that families can navigate the complexities of the aftermath of abuse.

National Resources

Emergency 911 | Ask for CIT Trained Officer (Crisis Intervention Team)

Suicide and Crisis Hotline | Text/Call 988

Suicide Prevention Lifeline | 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

DHHS Service Center | Assistance finding programs and support | (1-800-662-7030)

1-800-4-A-CHILD (National Child Abuse Hotline)

Education and Support

W⁵ | Who, What, When, Where, Why | Free Mandated Reporting Program 

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) | Local Support Groups, etc.

Take Triple P’s | Free Positive Parenting Program 

Davie County Resource Guide 2023 

Local Resources

Davie Center for Violence Prevention (DCVP) |  Office: 336-751-3450 | Crisis: (336) 751-4357 | 172 Clement Street, Mocksville

Davidson County 24/7 Crisis Support | Main: (336) 243-1934

Family Services of Davidson County | Office: (336) 249-0237 | Crisis: (336) 243-1934 

The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center | Office: (336)753-6155 

Cooleemee Food Pantry  | Phone: (336) 284-2626 | 204 Marginal Street

Just HOPE, Inc. | Phone: (336) 909-4241 | 643 Wilkesboro Street Mocksville

A Storehouse for Jesus | Phone: (336) 751-1060 | 675 E. Lexington Rd. Mocksville

Fairgrove Family Resource Center | Phone: (336) 472-7217 | 159 Myrtle Drive Thomasville

South Davidson Family Resource Center | Phone: (336) 859-5399 | 292 South Main Street Denton

Greater Things Outreach Center | Phone: (336) 619-0171 | 6282 Old US 52 N Lexington

Family Promise of Davie County | Phone: (336) 284-4200

The Arc of Davidson County Developmental Disabilities | Phone: (336) 248-2842

Davie County Department of Social Services | Phone: (336) 753-6250

Davidson County Department of Social Services | Phone: (336) 242-2500

Davidson County Sheriff's Office | Phone: (336) 242-2105

Davie County Sheriff's Office | Phone: (336) 751-6238

Denton Police Department | Phone: (336) 859-2164

Lexington Police Department | Phone: (336) 243-3302

Thomasville Police Department | Phone: (336)475-4260

A Call to Action

The primary mission of The Dragonfly House is unwavering: to safeguard the innocent. Vulnerable children, when faced with adversities, require more than just care. They need an environment where they are heard, protected, and supported. This center delivers exactly that.

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