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Training Opportunities

As part of our mission to support outreach and education advocacy, we provide the following options free of charge:

  • Virtual & In-Person Prevention Lessons for Children (age-appropriate, offered for pre-k through 12th grade)

  • Child-Focused and Age-Appropriate Prevention Lessons for Children in Summer Camps, After-School Care Settings, and in Youth Sports.

  • Awareness & Reporting Trainings for Adults

  • Trauma-Informed & Resilience Focused Strategies for Community Partners and Schools

  • Project FORECAST; simulation based trauma informed training for child-serving professionals


Our agency is trained in, and authorized facilitators of, the following evidence-based outreach and education models:


Protecting Children is what we do, and we know it makes a difference in the lives of the children we help. To participate in one of our many training opportunities or to inquire about bringing outreach opportunities to your group/workplace, please contact us at 336-753-6155 or email Sheria White at

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