Prevention Education is intentional, empathetic, and relevant to the children we work with. Prevention is age-appropriate with a warm, engaging, and thought-provoking interaction between the presenter and young people. The goal behind abuse preventative education is to reduce the risk of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect in children who live in our community.

Outreach, Prevention, and Education offerings for adults can be adapted to any group, club, business, or organization. Opportunities are available in-person and virtually. Contact us at education@thedragonflyhouse.com to schedule prevention training today!

In NC every individual 18 years of age or older is a mandated reporter. If you know or suspect any form of child abuse or neglect, or believe a child has been the victim of a crime, you must make a report to either Department of Social Services or Law Enforcement (or both in some cases). Project SeeMeSaveMe, our prevention curriculum for adults, discusses this mandate and the steps involved in detail.

Davie County Department of Social Services: 336-751-8800; Davidson County Department of Social Services: 336-242-2500; Law Enforcement in any jurisdiction: 911

School-Based Prevention Programs, Pre-k through 12th Grades

In-Person Prevention Lessons

PLAY IT SAFE! Curriculum for Pre-K through 5th grade

  • Evidence informed child sexual abuse preventative curriculum.
  • Teaches young people to identify sexually abusive behavior, along with physical and emotional abuse.
  • Provides tools needed to be safe.
  • Teaches actions to take in threatening situations.
  • Provided in a safe environment.
  • Taught one group or classroom at a time.
  • All lessons provide direct definitions of abuse terms, scenarios, activities to engage, visual posters, and video.

Video trailers that support curriculum:



YOU ARE NOT ALONE - discussion and video presentation designed for children ages 8-14 to teach about the basics of personal safety in both the real and virtual world. Topics center around inappropriate touch, identifying trusted adults, and the danger of sharing personal information on phones and social media.

RIPPLE EFFECT – engaging presentation on empowering middle and high school students to plan for their future by loving and respecting themselves and others. Topics center around appropriate relationships, coping methods, self-harm, and suicide.This program also covers phone use, posting, and photographing. This program allows students to see the positives and negatives of how they use their phone, apps, and social media accounts. It also explains digital foot printing and the laws/consequences around using social media and phone communication.

Virtual Prevention Lessons

Monique Burr Foundation Prevention Education Program





  • Evidence based
  • Easy and practical for schools to implement
  • Full implementation support from The Dragonfly House
  • Developmentally appropriate for students in all grades
  • Provides universal strategies to better protect children
  • Educated children, school staff, and parents
  • Created, reviewed, and support by experts
  • Trusted by parents

  • Abuse Prevention Education For Adults (Professionals, Teachers, & Caregivers)

    PROJECT SEEMESAVEME - This is the flagship training from The Dragonfly House that teaches members of our community about how to recognize the signs & symptoms of all forms of abuse and neglect, how to talk to children if you suspect abuse is happening, how to make a report in the state of NC, and what happens after you make a report.

    THE EDUCATORS ROLE IN CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT - Why educators should be concerned about abuse, how to identify & respond to concerns of abuse, the ACE Study, what abuse means in their classroom, and how our agency can help.

    RECOGNIZING AND RESPONDING TO CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT - Educates child-serving professionals on the basic issues of child abuse, how to recognize physical & behavioral signs of the forms of child abuse, & how to make a report.

    DARKNESS TO LIGHT STEWARDS OF CHILDREN - The only nationally available program proven to increase knowledge, improve attitudes & change child-protective behaviors, targets parents, responsible adults and youth serving organizations.

    KEEPING CHILDREN SAFE IN THE REAL AND VIRTUAL WORLD - Provides language and tools needed to talk with children about personal safety, and explains necessary policies for child serving organizations.

    (T.E.A.C.H.) TEACHERS EXHIBIT APPROPRIATE COMMUNICATION HABITS - Offers guidance to teachers that use social media and that communicate electronically with parents and students.

    STOP, LOOK, & LISTEN - Supports parents with best practices in social media, phone use, bullying, & other concerns adults have for our youth.

    DRAGONFLY 101 - Presentation on the current work and history of The Dragonfly House Children's Advocacy Center. This presentation informs about who we are, what we do, and why CAC's are beneficial to communities and their children.


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