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Ivy Cranford

Ivy Cranford

Mental Health Coordinator

336-753-6155 X106

As Mental Health Coordinator, my job is to assist in all mental health related tasks; keep in contact with families who are waiting to receive services or who are receiving therapy to remind of appointments and be a contact for mental health related questions. I field and process incoming referrals, keep up with the status of therapy cases and manage the waiting list. I also assist in investigative appointments as needed, either by being the Forensic Interviewer or Advocate.

My favorite thing about my job is… everything!! I love the flexibility of my position; I can spend a week in my office entering data and information or I can be upstairs giving a child the space to unload what they’ve been through. I also love my coworkers. While a unique mix of personalities, I could not do this work without their support and passion for what we do. Most of all, I love being immersed in a supportive environment while working towards such an important cause.

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